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Hotfix 2 Released for Texture Direct, Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and Soft Clouds!

Hotfix 2 include the following additions:

ADDED User-controlled cloud resizing
ADDED - Automated cloud size backup ADDED - Default cloud restore function

Texture Direct and Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds Service Pack 6, Soft Clouds Service Pack 3 and current Hotfixes Released!

FIXED - Missing low-level cloud issue
FIXED - Remove SQL Server Local DB FIXED - Wave animation file locking FIXED - Random theme generation
FIXED - Popcorn cloud sizing
FIXED - Community texture water
FIXED - No simulator selection error

REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus OverDrive Service Pack 4 - Public Beta Released!

FIXED - Texture Lightning Tab
FIXED - PFPX download export file FIXED - Visibility Smoothing
FIXED - Wind Smoothing
FIXED - Updated WX PLUS mode
FIXED - Updated STANDARD mode
FIXED - Added support for FSX:Steam

REX SIMULATIONS is pleased to announce the release of REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition!

REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition helps give a volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds. This software package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand. You will truly experience volumetric-like haze and fog as never before seen within FS9.