"Building upon extensive consumer feedback, we conceptualize, develop, and deliver innovative software with mass market appeal." -Tim Fuchs, Managing Partner, REX Game Studios


Since 2007 REX Game Studios® has been an award-winning developer, publisher, and technology provider. Paving the way with innovation and skill, we pride ourselves as an industry leader in environment simulation software with international connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions globally.

We conceptualize, develop, and deliver progressive software with mass market appeal. With an ever-growing, world-wide fan base, we have become an established brand in the casual game space.

Most importantly, we appreciate our fans and are here to serve each of you. We prefer to call you our "friends" and as such, we strive to keep you in the know with the latest news and updates to keep your interest piqued. We understand that support from our friends is the energy that keeps our engines running, inspiring us to keep developing.

Thank you for your feedback and inquiries.

Meet the core REX Development Team

Tim Fuchs - Managing Partner
Mr. Fuchs is a multi-disciplined fine artist with a focus in computer graphics and natural media. His talents have been utilized by some of the world's most well known companies, including Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Motorola, FOX Entertainment and AlliedSignal Aerospace. He addresses milestone goals and production pipeline with a pinpoint vision inherent in dedication. Tim is a true innovator with a keen sense of determination and unparalleled attention to detail.

Reed Stough - Managing Partner
Mr. Stough brings over 14 years of experience in programming, business analysis and project management to REX Game Studios®. His unique perspective in the area of Meteorology was developed as a child and he has been fascinated with the dynamics of weather and storms ever since. As a storm spotter with the National Weather Service he chased thunderstorms and tornadoes, further fueling his passion for Mother Nature's wrath. Reed has written many papers on how to forecast thunderstorm outbreaks and severe weather events.

Bill Collin - Director of Operations
Bill Collin comes from Foundation 9 Entertainment. He is a member of the International Game Developers Association and has accumulated countless awards on many big name titles. Bill oversees scheduling, work delegation, artistic direction and coordinates the technical and art teams.

Chan Raiu - Lead Programmer
Chan Raiu heads up GUI development with an intricate eye for detail. He boasts over 15 years of high-level programming expertise and systems analysis, and has worked alongside Tim Fuchs on many well-known projects for Adobe Systems and Motorola.

Angel Vargas - Marketing Manager
Mrs. Vargas brings over 13 years marketing experience to REX Game Studios®. She manages corporate marketing, communications and event planning, overseeing an eight member team. She handles all direct brand management, PR, media relations, corporate positioning, product launches, advertising, sales collateral and tradeshow marketing.