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recdivThe WX Advantage Radar Now Supports FSX SP2, FSX Acceleration, FSX:Steam, Prepar3D Versions 2.5 & 3.2.3!

Update 1 includes several enhancements and fixes: 

FIX - Intermittent crashes with one 3rd-party weather engine
ADDED - Invisible click spots with tooltips to screen part of the gauge
ADDED - Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Service Pack 2

Download the latest updates to the WX Advantage Radar HERE!

Learn More about the wx advantage radar

recdivWX Advantage Radar will Support FSX SP2 Users Soon!

We have received many requests from users that wish that the WX Advantage Radar would support FSX SP2. We have decided to support FSX SP2, and will be released with the upcoming update. Stay tuned for more information!

recdivREX / Milviz WX Advantage Radar Released!

REX SIMULATIONS and MILVIZ (Military Visualizations) is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated WX Advantage Radar.

The WX Advantage Radar System is a unique, advanced weather radar system that can be used with ANY 3rd-party commercial weather engines, freeware weather engines as well as the built-in weather for FSX + Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v2.5 and v3.2.3. Each license of the WX Advantage Radar allows activation for all three flight simulators!

This advanced radar system includes unique cloud scan and precipitation sync features that will dynamically sync precipitation. Never experience precipitation falling outside indicated radar echoes. Because the system will continuously measure and sync precipitation, you will receive realistic and accurately placed radar echoes that precisely match depicted atmospheric conditions. Turbulence “intelligence” is built-in to isolate potential radar echoes that may contain moderate to severe turbulence.

An intuitive, simple to use Aircraft Gauge Management Tool is also included and allows the installation, editing, and removal of the 2D weather radar gauge for any default or 3rd-party aircraft. The Aircraft Gauge Management Tool includes FOUR different types of 2D gauges: Dark and Clean, Dark with Dirt, Light and Clean, Light with Dirt.


The 3D version of the WX Advantage Radar is freely available to all 3rd-party developers who wish to integrate the gauge within their aircraft. We make it easy for 3rd-party developers to modify the color, texture, text, and the model of the gauge to fit within their paradigm and methodology. Please contact us at: for more information.

View the Product Page Now!

recdivREX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus OverDrive Service Pack 4 - Public Beta 2 Released!


FIXED - Altimeter reading
FIXED - Minimum altitude setting
TWEAKED - WX PLUS Mode weather injection process and smoothing
REWORKED - Standard Mode weather injection process and smoothing
Other general fixes/tweaks to weather engine

Download the Non-OverDrive Version Now!

IMPORTATANT NOTE: To install the Public Beta 2 into the NON-OverDrive version of REX Essential Plus you must have REX version build number: 3.5.2016.0115 (Public Beta 1). Open REX Essential Plus and navigate to the ABOUT screen to check your version of REX.

Download the OverDrive Version Now!

IMPORTATANT NOTE: To install the Public Beta 2 into the OverDrive version of REX Essential Plus OverDrive you must have REX version build number: 3.9.2016.0115 (Public Beta 1). Open REX Essential Plus OverDrive and navigate to the ABOUT screen to check your version of REX.

If you require technical support, please visit our support forum here.

recdivHotfix 2 Released for Texture Direct, Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and Soft Clouds!

Hotfix 2 include the following additions:

ADDED - User-controlled cloud resizing algorithm process
ADDED - Automated user cloud size backup
ADDED - Default cloud size restore function

Additional internal fixes and performance updates were included in each update.

Users will be prompted to download the new update when they start either REX product, or they may click the “Check for Updates” button within the REX application.

recdivTexture Direct and Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Service Pack 6, Soft Clouds Service Pack 3 and Current Hotfixes Released!

Service Pack 6 and Hotfix 1 include the following fixes and additions:

FIXED - Missing low-level cloud issue associated with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v3.2
FIXED - Backend code to remove requirement for Microsoft’s SQL Server Local DB
FIXED - Wave animation file locking
FIXED - Random theme generation and installation
FIXED - Popcorn cloud sizing issue within Lockheed Martin’s P3D v3.1 and v3.2
FIXED - Community texture water selection process
ADDED - Function to auto adjust P3D v3+ shader based upon cloud selection
FIXED - No simulator selection error during texture installation issue

Service Pack 3 and Hotfix 1 includes the following fixes and additions:

ADDED - Automatic check for updates at start up
FIXED - Low-cloud missing issue for Lockheed Martin P3D v3.2
UPDATED - Local database connections to support SQLite
REMOVED - Requirement for SQL Server Local DB
ADDED - Popcorn cloud fix for P3D v3.1 and P3D v3.2
ADDED - Function to auto adjust P3D v3+ shaders based upon cloud selection

Additional internal fixes and performance updates were included in each update.

Users will be prompted to download the new update when they start either REX product, or they may click the “Check for Updates” button within the REX application.

recdivREX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus OverDrive Service Pack 4 - Public Beta Released!


FIXED - Texture Lightning Tab
FIXED - PFPX download export file
FIXED - Visibility Smoothing - added new code
FIXED - Wind Smoothing - added new code
FIXED - Updated weather WX PLUS mode so weather doesn't clear and continues through updates
FIXED - Updated weather STANDARD mode so that weather doesn't clear and continues through updates
FIXED - Added support for FSX:Steam Edition, Prepar3D v2, v3 Flight Plan folders

Download the Non-OverDrive Version Now!

IMPORTATANT NOTE: To install the public beta into the NON-OverDrive version of REX Essential Plus you must have REX version build number: 3.4.2014.1126. Open REX Essential Plus and navigate to the ABOUT screen to check your version of REX.

Download the OverDrive Version Now!

IMPORTATANT NOTE: To install the public beta into the OverDrive version of REX Essential Plus OverDrive you must have REX version build number: 3.8.2014.1126 or 3.8.2014.1211. Open REX Essential Plus OverDrive and navigate to the ABOUT screen to check your version of REX.

If you require technical support, please visit our support forum here.

recdivREX Simulations is Pleased to Announce the Release of REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition!

REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition helps give a volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds. This software package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand. You will truly experience volumetric-like haze and fog as never before seen within FS9.

Learn more AND Buy Now!

recdivREX4 Weather Architect Released!

Weather Architect is a powerful Custom Weather Generator and Weather Engine which allows you to create complete weather systems on a map with accuracy down to a single latitude and longitude. Weather Architect is a first-of-its-kind weather creation utility, and unlike other weather engines on the market, it allows you to visualize, create and become fully immersed in cutting-edge weather systems. Weather Architect gives complete control and creativity in developing detailed weather systems anywhere in the world, including over oceans where no weather stations exist within the simulator.

Within Weather Architect you can select various levels and types of precipitation. Each cell drawn or placed represents an individual weather cell within the simulator. All weather cells are fully customizable. Each cell can be modified by visibility, wind speed and direction, cloud turbulence, cloud shear, and cloud coverage. Weather Architect with its Intellectually Synced Texture Engine works hand-in-hand with REX 4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds to give you the most realistic experience possible.

Weather Architect utilizes the widely-used REX EDGE Technology so you can share your custom weather scenarios and flights plan with other Weather Architect users from around the globe. This makes it easy for multiplayer users to precisely share the same experience together while in-flight!

Weather Architect is available for FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D versions 1, 2 and 3

To find out more information about REX4 Weather Architect, visit

recdivWin Up To $1,750.00 With The Release Of REX4 Weather Architect!

REX Game Studios is offering 3 chances to win up to $1,750 (usd)

$250 Awarded to the 250th customer!
$500 Awarded to the 500th customer!
$1000 Awarded to the 1000th customer!

REX4 Weather Architect will be released at the REX store within the next 72 hours. Simply visit and purchase Weather Architect upon release. REX Game Studios will contact the winners via email within 30 days.
REX4 Weather Architect is compatible with FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D.

*Contest rules and disclaimer - Contestants must be over 18 years of age. Contestants must own a legal copy of REX4 Weather Architect and serial key obtained from the REX web store to qualify for the contest. The software and serial key must not have been transferred from original owners name. Funds are non-transferable. Funds will be paid via PayPal. A contestant may purchase more than one copy of REX4 Weather Architect to be qualified for the contest. REX Game Studios, LLC. retains the right to refuse payment if they deem necessary. Winners are selected by a compiling of all sales records at the end of the month. All taxes on any prize are the sole responsibility of each winner, including, without limitation, any federal, state, or local taxes which may be deemed applicable in such winner's jurisdiction of residence. Winner(s) shall be solely responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes incurred by acceptance and use of the prize(s). ©2015, REX Game Studios, LLC. All rights reserved. REX, REX4 and Weather Architect are brands of REX Game Studios®, LLC. Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a copyrighted trademark of Microsoft Corporation. PREPAR3D® is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

recdivREX Soft Clouds Service Pack 1 Released!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of the REX Soft Clouds Integration Add-on for users of BOTH REX 4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds.

The add-on provides users of both REX 4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds the benefit of integrating the two packages into one complete package!

Customers of both REX 4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds may download and install the package for FREE via the REX support forum located here. You must own a valid copy of both programs in order to install! Verification required!

recdivREX Soft Clouds Service Pack 1 Released!

REX Game Studios is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack One (SP1) for REX Soft Clouds!

Service Pack 1 adds the SQL Local Database and .NET Framework 4.5 prerequisite software to the installation process for users who have experienced installation issues. Other fixes addressed are the user-selectable installation options check boxes not staying selected, as well as the invalid character string when selecting P3Dv.2+ from STEP 2 of the installation process.

Customers with installation issues will be required to re-download the software from the store where they purchased. Some stores may take up to 48 hours until the new file is available within users’ accounts.

Users may update to the newest Service Pack 1 by selecting the CHECK FOR UPDATES button within the program, or by visiting

recdivREX4 Soft Clouds Released!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of REX Soft Clouds!

REX Soft Clouds is the new volumetric-like soft cloud texture add-on for FSX, PREPAR3D and FSX:Steam Edition. Get ready to be amazed! This soft cloud pack gives a true volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds.

REX Soft Clouds takes advantage of the core features of PREPAR3D v2 while realistically enhancing the FSX, FSX-Steam Edition and PREPAR3D v.1.4 cloud environment. This package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand! You will truly experience volumetric haze and fog as never before seen within a flight simulator environment.

REX Soft Clouds is tailored to low and high-end systems alike. You may easily switch between simulator preference (FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, P3Dv1.4 & P3Dv2) and is fully network capable.

See the difference that REX Soft Clouds will bring to your flight simulator experience by visiting the dedicated website page at:

recdivREX4 Texture Direct Service Pack 4 and Texture Update 2 Now Available!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 4 and Texture Update 2 for REX4 Texture Direct. Service Pack 4 improves the user experience by adding information about the textures that have been or will be installed into the user’s flight simulator. This information is viewable on the My Themes, Community Themes, and Weather Themes area.

Texture Update 2 updates all sun and wave animation textures for better support of DirectX11 in Prepar3D 2.4. In addition, a fix has been provided for the static wave animations found in Prepar3D version 2.4 so that bodies of water are now animated.

Service Pack 4 and Texture Update 2 are automatically available through the REX4 Texture Direct program or can be downloaded from the REX support forum at:

recdivService Pack 3 for REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus OverDrive has been released!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 3 for REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus Overdrive. Service Pack 3 does not do the name justice for what is packed into this major update. The update can be downloaded from HERE.

The following is a list of changes and major enhancements made to this package.

New backend server based metar data integrity system that can be modified without the need of a new build for the user.

Weather Theme files now have a data integrity system to make sure all data is returned for perfect creation of dynamic themes.

Weather data is downloaded from NOAA and VATSIM 6 times an hour to insure the user receives the most accurate real-time weather.

Continued support of world-wide weather balloon system twice a day.

New integrated GFS (GLOBAL FORECAST SYSTEM) wind and temperature GRIB forecast data down to the 1 x 1 latitude and longitude globally between the surface and 53,000 feet. This data covers the whole globe from pole to pole.

Weather no longer is required to be downloaded at startup of application.

The latest weather is downloaded when the user or the weather submits a request for the weather from our REX EDGE servers. This insures the user has the most recent weather reports from NOAA and VATSIM.

The entire weather engine has been written from scratch with no legacy code.

Utilizes new threading processes to better reduce the processing requirement.

Weather engine utilizes a “DISTANT” weather injection process so that as the user travels, the weather injects at a distance from the aircraft. This combined with the “ALWAYS ON” weather pull process nearly eliminates dramatic weather transitions. Cloud popping and wind shifts are reduced to a minimum.

Support for the PMDG 777 winds and temperature aloft import feature.

Support for waypoints with PMDG 777 with Flight Aware integration planning tool.

New weather GRID system enables weather to be realized at over 65,000 custom points of weather across the world. This gives the best weather representation down to a 1x1 latitude and longitude area.

Weather surface load regions for dynamic weather themes has been expanded from 4 x 4 latitude longitude area to up to a 15 x 15 region.

New mapping system is clutter free so that it provides ease of view of where you are flying, yet with enough information to give reliable location information.

New mapping system utilizes new local mapping and not reliant upon other outside services.

Accurate pinpoint location of storm cells, turbulence, and icing.

Updated wave animations and sun textures to handle changes to Prepar3D 2 + rendering requirements and DirectX11 support.

Includes fix for “static” wave animations within Prepar3D 2+.


recdivAviatorCast With REX Game Studios

Join Angle of Attack's AviatorCast Podcast as they talk to Tim Fuchs and Reed Stough from Real Environment Xtreme, aka REX Game Studios. They share all about their company history, line of products, and what they are working on now.


recdivREX4 Texture Direct Service Pack 2 Released!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 2 for REX 4 – Texture Direct. Service Pack 2 brings additional functionality that allows the user to select which textures to load via the new Texture Install Configuration Manager. Included in the new service pack is embedded communication technology that allows tighter integration between the future releases of REX 4 Weather Architect and Weather Direct. This communication API will allow Weather Architect and Weather Direct to automatically analyze and select weather scenarios from within Texture Direct.


recdivWX Advantage Radar Announced!

REX Game Studios ( is pleased to announce a joint development partnership with Milviz ( to develop the WX Advantage Radar modeled after the Honeywell RDR-4B weather radar for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and eventually Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version 2.

“There's nothing else on the market like the WX Advantage radar gauge”, states Reed Stough (REX Game Studios). He adds “Through our partnership we have for first time modelled accurate placement of precipitation along the azimuth of the radar beam within its cone as you fly. You'll experience a realism never before seen in a radar gauge. As you fly in and out of precipitation it will match to what's on the screen - accurately.”

The WX Advantage Radar can be used with any 3rd-party weather add-on as well as the default weather engine within FSX or Prepar3D. The WX Advantage Radar will be freely offered as a customizable gauge to 3rd-party aircraft developers. The add-on developer can, for the first time ever, modify not only the color, texture and text, but also the model of the gauge to fit within their paradigm and methodology.

The WX Advantage Radar will come in two versions: a 3D version of the gauge which can be easily placed within any virtual cockpit, and a 2D model will also be available as a popup gauge. End-users may also make modifications to the gauge to fit their own preference.

Unlike other gauges, the WX Advantage Radar is multi-threaded and runs in its own process outside of the simulator; therefore, there is next to no performance hit or frame rate loss.

Testing of the weather gauge starts this next week and expect a release shortly after testing is completed.

Get ready to experience the weather like never before!

recdivREX4 Texture Direct Screenshot Contest!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce its first official screenshot contest for REX4 Texture Direct.

$300.00 USD will be awarded to the person with the best screenshot utilizing textures from REX4 Texture Direct in either FSX or Prepar3D. Contestants must own a verified copy of REX4 Texture Direct in order to compete. Learn more about the contest!

All entries must be submitted per the rules and regulations to be eligible to win!

recdivREX4 Texture Direct Service Pack 1 Released!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for REX4 Texture Direct.
Users may update to the newest Service Pack 1 by selecting the CHECK FOR UPDATES button contained on the INFO page within the program, or by clicking here.

The following is a list of changes and fixes within Service Pack 1 (build: 4.1.2014.0122)
1.) Option and checkbox buttons not showing in Windows 7, basic or classic mode - FIXED
2.) Weather Engine checkbox not saving after close down - FIXED
3.) Temperature font cutting off on weather theme window - FIXED
4.) Removed single quote error when naming a theme - FIXED
5.) Menubars being cut off with screen resolutions less than 1152 x 864 - FIXED


recdivWant to win a chance to receive a FREE copy of ALL four REX4 products?

REX GAME STUDIOS is giving away a FREE copy of EACH of the REX4 products as they are released! Simply like us on Facebook, and on the day of release for each product, we will draw from a random facebook LIKE entry.

recdivREX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the REX4 Direct line of products!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the REX4 Direct line of products. Five years ago REX Game Studios raised the bar in flight environment simulation software with Real Environment Xtreme. Today we are raising the bar again with the announcement of REX4 Direct.

REX4 Direct includes four lines of products: Texture Direct, Weather Direct, Weather Architect, and a fourth product and partnership soon to be announced. All products when released will be compatible with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martins’ Prepar3D 1.4 and 2.0.

REX Texture Direct – REX Texture Direct is a NEW integrated global environment texture utility and effects add-on for Microsoft FSX, PREPAR3D v1.4 and v2 and is DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant! Includes all NEW textures and effects... over 16,000 files, most with enhanced algorithms. Texture Direct has a large, easy to read user-interface, and texture installation is lightning fast! The user has the ability to select and install textures individually and/or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite of textures instantly. Powerful new theme protocols: Local, Weather or Community, where users have the ability to share texture sets (themes) with others using REX Texture Direct. Users may select weather scenario's or airport codes in order to have texture themes generated based upon weather conditions. There's also a facility that will auto-start simulator after texture injection.
REX Weather Direct – Our goal with REX Weather Direct was to make it so easy for the user, that they only had to start the program and click start to achieve an accurate weather experience within FSX or Prepar3D. REX Weather Direct has been built from the ground up, utilizing better coding method’s to ensure accuracy and stability. In addition, the memory footprint has been optimized so that it can take advantage of Direct X API’s and offload some of the work to the graphics card. This allows more memory to be allocated to the flight simulator.

REX Weather Architect – Weather Architect uses the same backend technology as Weather Direct to aid the user to get flying without being overwhelmed by numerous and complicated settings. The interface is easy and intuitive. What makes Weather Architect different is it allows the user to literally paint the weather on a map with accuracy down to a single latitude and longitude! Thus, the user can be creative about the weather they encounter, from flying bush to trans-oceanic flights.

The final product (yet to be announced) is breakthrough technology in weather parameter analysis and will be announced soon.

See the difference that REX4 Direct will bring to your flight simulator experience by visiting our dedicated website:

recdivPMDG 777 Winds Export Feature and NEW GRIB Data

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce they will support the new PMDG 777 Winds Export feature in their REX product line ( for FSX and Prepar3D.

In addition, REX GAME STUDIOS will be implementing GFS (Global Forecast System) GRIB model data into their products. This data will be updated four times a day. The majority of the data will be used for upper level winds and temperatures aloft. Users will have the option to use real weather balloon data or GFS forecast data.

recdivREX Auto Update Released!

This exciting new utility will change the way you update your REX software!

Download Now

recdivNew REX and Alabeo Screenshot Contest

Here at REX, we love our Alabeo planes. Alabeo is releasing some great aircraft for all of us "simmers" to enjoy. You have the chance to win some of these great aircraft along with REX products.

Learn More!

recdivNew REX Software Help Video Section Added To Website

This week we have launched our new help video section of the main Real Environment Xtreme website thanks to James Holcomb, our new Social Media Manager. This growing library of videos will cover proper software installation and upgrade procedures as well as how-to's. Please keep an eye out for more videos by James!

You can visit the new video section here!

REX Games Studios Welcomes James Holcomb As Its New Social Media Manager

In his new role Mr. Holcomb will be actively involved in building REX Game Studios social media experience. "We are excited to be adding someone with James's experience to the REX team. James is a hard working and passionate individual in regards to flight simulation," said Tim Fuchs, Managing Partner. "We look forward to sharing our collective experience with him."

recdivREX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive Wins The Coveted 2013 AVSIM Bravo Zulu Award!

"If you're hard core into weather then you can experiment and play around with this product to your hearts content. If you enjoy "realistic-to me" weather and like all the bells and whistles, then this product works fantastic right out of the box."
Thanks to AVSIM, our Beta Team, and the flight simulation community for your continued support!

recdivPlanned Server Upgrades!

To better serve our customers, and to keep up with constant demand, our entire server infrastructure will be upgraded this Wednesday. The offline period of this upgrade will be from 13UTC until approximately 23UTC. Thank you for your patience through this process.

recdivAerosoft Sim News Reviews REX Essential PLUS

"REX Essential is a well known add on that started as FS2004 free add on, and since then it's dominated all its competitors, having quality, performance and flexibility among its stronger properties. REX begins as a set of textures, which dramatically enhances FS9/FSX/Xplane atmosphere, on a way that it makes it believable (This review is focused on the FSX version). Currently REX Essential is a product of 5 tools: a Weather Engine, a Texture Engine, the Flight Centre, REX Edge, and a Download Manager. REX Essential Plus Overdrive is the main product of REX Games Studios that can be described as developer team with highly skilled professionals with great attention for detail, a sense of functionality and a large fan base."


recdivREX Essential PLUS and REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive SP1 Now Available!

REX Game Studios is proud to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for the REX Essential PLUS product line. This latest update release includes many improvements, fixes and additions listed below:

Improved - Winds aloft data, especially southern hemisphere.
Improved - Weather station accuracy in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Archived weather from REX EDGE servers.
Improved - Severe wind shifts during transitions with WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Added code to read Flight Mode or Dialog mode status of FSX/P3D before injecting weather in both Standard and WXPLUS weather modes.
Improved - Better handling of visibility below 1 SM.
Improved - Sped up weather process assembling in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Adjustments to back-end database servers for better handling of archive weather processing.
Improved - "Download Center" button to menu bar and removed from the Textures area.
Improved - Process of transitioning cloud and visibility smoothing in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Flight plans are now saved in the users FLIGHT SIM X Document folder.
Improved - Download time of weather from data servers.
Improved - Now receiving 100+ knots winds in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere.
Fixed - Un-selecting the visibility smoothing does not uncheck the wind smoothing feature.
Fixed - Prepar3D header banner not showing if user has P3D activated.
Fixed - Accurate pressure readings.
Fixed - 24-hour METAR data for current weather.
Fixed - White screen on WASys in regards to computer regional settings.
Fixed - Disposed timer setting at close of Weather Engine.
Fixed - Archive weather settings and required date to be selected before saving.
Fixed - Database server structure for correct archive weather data.
Fixed - checkLocation error message from error logs.
Fixed - Disable option button if internet is not detected on user's machine.
Fixed - Random weather mode now works when no internet connection is detected.
Fixed - Javascripting errors on WASYS tool. Dependent on the IE version installed.
Added - Various adjustments to the Micro and Synoptic weather station load features for more accurate visibility handling.
Added - New wind smoothing algorithm to handle wind direction smoothing during loading.
Added - FAOR, FALE, VTBS to database.
Expanded - Weather area of WXPLUS weather theme mode.
Removed - Green bar showing injection during WXPLUS mode loading.
Changed - "Create a Flight Plan" button to "Import or Create a Flight Plan".
Moved - "Import Flight Plan" button within the Flight Center area.


recdivREX Game Studios is a proud sponsor of the AVSIM 2013 FANCON!

The AVSIM 2013 FANCON will be held in Wichita, Kansas at the Kansas Aviation Museum (KAM) located adjacent to the McConnell Air Force Base on May 3-5, 2013.The AVSIM 2013 FANCON will be held in conjunction with the Cockpit-Fest USA gathering and exhibition at the Kansas Aviation Museum located in Wichita, Kansas. A special social on Friday night and two full days of activities at the Museum are sure to provide a wealth of enjoyment and education for all attendees.

recdivThe Quest Begins...

Every game has its beginning!

There is enormous interest growing worldwide for "Storm Quest - The Game For Real Storm Chasers." So, from all of us at REX Games Studios, we want to express our gratitude to you!

We are extremely excited to share Storm Quest details with you. This will be the first game of its kind that is devoted to forecasting and chasing storms.The number one goal of this game is to create that "chill and thrill" feeling you have when severe weather strikes. 

As you may know, REX Game Studios has partnered with Reed Timmer from "Tornado Chasers" to assist with fine tuning the game's realism. At the end of this month team REX will be visiting TVN headquarters in Oklahoma City to discuss the details about the game. Expect a lot of news about features of the game and even screenshots to become available over the next several months.

Also, TVN ( is trying to fund their upcoming documentary series "Tornado Chasers". Tell your friends, family, brothers, sisters, and even neighbors to register their email at For every valid email we receive between now and March 25th, REX Game Studios will donate $1 to TVN. Plus, whomever registers their email has a chance to win a one-year subscription to AllisonHouse "Hunter Plan" weather data.

We will be announcing the winner of the AllisonHouse contest soon.

Finally, in anticipation of the 2013 storm season, we have started the "STORM FORUM" ( This forum will not only be dedicated to news about the game, but also a place for weather geeks. We give YOU the freedom to post your own severe weather forecasts. Join now and help us build our community!

Thank you again for your support!

REX Game Studios

recdivREX Latitude 50% OFF for the month of March!

REX Game Studios is offering REX Latitude at 50% off the regular price, exclusively through the REX Download Center/Marketplace! Hurry, offer ends March 31, 2013!

recdivWin a Saitek PRO Flight Yoke and Rudder System ($350 value) and Receive an Early Release Version of SimAir!

Act now and register your email address at, and you will be registered for a chance to win a Saitek Yoke and Cessna Rudder and Pedal system. Everyone who registers will receive private developer updates on the world of SIMAIR.

recdivREX Game Studios Sponsors Flight SimCon 2013

REX Game Studios is a proud sponsor of FlightSim Con 2013! Flight SimCon will provide a social conference format with networking and learning for enthusiasts of desktop flight simulation programs and aviation in general. Visit HERE for more details!

recdivThe NEW REX Latitude Economy!

REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the NEW REX Latitude Economy. To provide a friendlier, more social, open and active environment, the economy of Latitude has been enhanced.

New Economy Details
While some pilots immediately earn money with any aircraft, most lose a lot. This is a matter of simply biting off too much too soon, or not being prepared for the realities of aircraft "ownership". There are also pilots that are not interested in planning flights in such detail, or are restricted by other external requirements that limit what they can achieve monetarily. To alleviate the losses from some of these scenarios, the economy component of Latitude is optional for all pilots.

In order for a pilot to earn money on a given flight, he or she will have to own the aircraft they're flying. Aircraft will be purchased using virtual currency, and all flights with the purchased aircraft livery will participate in the economy as they would now. However, if a pilot flies an aircraft that is not owned, the flight will be judged only on skill and comfort, and reputation when uploaded. This removes the possibility of losing large amounts of money when flying unprepared or with less than ideal configuration.

Pilots will continue to be able to fly any plane at any time, but to earn money, an aircraft has to be purchased. If the pilot has enough earnings, any aircraft can be purchased. However, if one does not have the required funds, aircraft can be purchased on credit. But, to remove the possibility of losing massive amounts when "jumping the gun" (e.g. flying a 747 with 30% payload and landing with half an hour of fuel as a Student Pilot) there will be limits on what aircraft can be purchased on credit.

As you progress from Student to Private to Airline Pilot, you are able to purchase Small to Large Utility to Transport aircraft on credit respectively. This allows you to try to "stay in the black" as you build your career and finances. Those pilots that have no interest in flying smaller airplanes to build their balance sheet will be able to purchase their favorite aircraft on credit (e.g. PMDG 738 NGX United Airlines N9876) after obtaining a type rating on the aircraft model (to demonstrate adequate practice).

Type ratings are achieved on aircraft models (e.g. PMDG 738 NGX) by flying a specific number of flights AND hours. To obtain a rating for a given aircraft model, pilots will need 30 flights AND 30 hours in the model. Once a type rating is granted, aircraft liveries of the given model can purchased on credit regardless of the aircraft family or pilot ranking.

To facilitate this transition, and to benefit both pilots with positive and negative earnings, the current earnings for both flights and pilots is now modified. Pilots with positive earnings will keep their total, and will immediately be able to purchase aircraft. Pilots with negative earnings will have their debt wiped out, thus allowing them to start fresh without losing any time or career advancement. All flight earnings will be removed to show 0$ (since you did not own the aircraft at the time of the flight). Lastly, type rating eligibility will be calculated based on your current flight history.

These changes ensure that newcomers don't build up a large debt by forcing them to start small, while not restricting experienced pilots from using their favorite aircraft, requiring only that they prove their eligibility to fly large complex aircraft for commercial revenue purposes.


Win a One Year "Hunter Plan" Subscription to AllisonHouse!


Tuesday, February 14, 2013

REX Game Studios, PHOENIX AZ, is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity. Enter your email address at for a chance to win a one year "Hunter Plan" subscription ( to AllisonHouse severe weather data, and receive Storm Quest updates!
Go to to register now! Interviews Managing Partners of REX Game Studios

"A developer whose name is directly associated with some of the very best weather and terrain textures to grace our monitors...what do we know about them? Sure, there are a lot of simmers out there who, like me, have heard and seen those amazing colours, clouds, concrete textures, etc, and no doubt, would be extremely pleased at the continued evolution of their flagship product, but who are the artists behind REX?" Read more here!

recdivREX Essential PLUS awarded the coveted AVSIM Gold Star Award, Plus a SPECIAL Review!

"REX Game Studios (once known as Real Environment Simulations) thundered into the marketplace in 2008 with their first product, the critically acclaimed Real Environment Xtreme…or REX. That software earned the prestigious Avsim Gold Star Award among others and was the talk of the various flight simulator forums. If you are new to flight simulation or perhaps have been in Afghanistan the past few years you may not be aware of this company or what this software does in FSX (or P3D and FS9)." Read more here!

Presenting the REX Latitude Holiday Contest!

Contestants will be required to fly a pre-programmed flight while using REX Latitude. Contestants may fly the route as many times as they like during the week and are required to upload their best flight by 1900 UTC on each Friday for their flight to be considered in the contest. The contestant with the best flight record for each flight will receive $100 USD. Read more here!

REX Game Studios announces USB Holiday Special Offer!

Enjoy owning REX Essential PLUS With OverDrive for FSX, REX FS2004 With OverDrive AND REX Latitude on a convenient 16GB USB Flash Drive! Simple, hassle free installation with no activation or serial number requirements. Learn more here!

REX Game Studios announces the release of REX Latitude!

PHOENIX, AZ - REX Game Studios® today announced the release of REX Latitude for Microsoft FSX and Lockheed Martin's PREPAR3D.

From award-winning REX Game Studios®, makers of the Real Environment Xtreme product line, comes a new concept in flight simming.

Join in on the fun, and step into a world where actions matter and consequences exist. Plan well, prepare well, fly well, and you'll be rewarded. Falter or fail, and results will speak for themselves. Feel the the excitement of coming in for a landing as scores, reputation and earnings hang in the balance. Make flight simulation real. Make it fun again!

Immerse yourself in a multiplayer pilot community where you can climb the career ladder, build a solid reputation and earn a living. Latitude offers all this and more! Share your flights for all to see while competing on your own terms. Whether it's low and slow or fast and high, pristine, calm days or thunderous gusty nights, you can customize your experience to your exact liking and find others that share your passion. You don't have to change anything about how you fly, but you'll want to.

A massive multiplayer environment exclusively for pilots (sim or otherwise). A world based around flying competency, with careers, reputation and economy with a built-in risk-reward system: cheaper aircraft are less risky and more forgiving than large planes. Compete with others on skill, comfort, experience or earnings, or just join the camaraderie and banter. How you fly matters, however, fly wherever, whatever, whenever! Inclusive of all types of "simmers": GA, business/corporate, commuter/regional, airline, low and slow or high and fast.

The offline client observes, records and catalogs all flights, including significant weather conditions. Latitude offers unbiased feedback for every flight, specifically tailored to experience level and aircraft model. Evaluation of both piloting skill and passenger/cargo comfort for a full comprehensive analysis. Automatic detection and detailed scoring of all flight phases, without any need for configuration. Perception based judging and scoring to mimic how a person would rate your flight, complete charting of entire flight; individually zoom-able and adjustable.

Directly integrated within REX Latitude is the online Portal, connecting you to a multiplayer environment which creates a whole new simming world. It's a great place to meet like minded virtual pilots, measure your skills against them, build a career, earn a reputation and make money. The Portal is a great way to track your progress as you become a better pilot with a permanent record of when, where and how you flew. It is encouraged that you participate – not only for the fun but also for the real-world experience you're sure to gain.

Visit for more information!

REX Essential Awarded Prestigious Platinum Award From PC Pilot!

REX Game Studios bags it's 10th award for REX Essential. Read the full review in the November/December issue of PC Pilot available on newstands now!

The release of REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus w/OverDrive is imminent!


The time has come, and the release of REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus w/OverDrive is imminent! We are testing the download servers to make sure they are able to handle the load, and as soon as we have 3-greens we will be releasing!

If you are a current REX for FSX customer, we will be releasing the FREE upgrades via our support forum. You will need to become a verified member by posting your REX order number in this thread: Once you become verified you will have access to the area that contains the updates.

All of us here at REX Game Studios want to personally thank you for your support and patience you have shown in the past 4 years. We hope you will enjoy this free gift and wish you all blue skies!

REX Game Studios and Reed Timmer of Tornado Chasers Announce Strategic Partnership


Friday, October 5, 2012

REX Game Studios® and Reed Timmer of Tornado Chasers Announce Strategic Partnership

PHOENIX, AZ - REX Game Studios® today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Reed Timmer of Tornado Chasers. The two companies have partnered to develop Storm -The Game®, a strategy-based action game.

REX Game Studios® is known in the gaming industry for such products as Real Environment Xtreme™ for the Microsoft Flight Simulator line of products, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D and Laminar Research's X-Plane franchise.

"We are very excited to work with Mr. Timmer and Tornado Chasers" said Reed Stough, Managing Partner of REX Game Studios®. "Storm -The Game® is our most ambitious project to date, and teaming up with Reed Timmer and Tornado Chasers to engage in product development is an exciting development for our company."

"We are very excited at TVN about the partnership with REX Game Studios® on the development of Storm - The Game®, which will be the ultimate virtual storm chasing experience out there. We have passed on many storm chasing game opportunities in the past, but when REX approached us with the perfect concept we were looking for on the gaming front, we knew this would be the perfect fit" said Reed Timmer, Xtreme Meteorologist of Tornado Chasers. "I look forward to working with REX Game Studios® to make sure that Storm is the most real-life, meteorologically accurate gaming experience for storm chasing."

About REX Game Studios®
Based in Phoenix, AZ, REX Game Studios® is an award-winning leader in environment simulation add-ons with connections to consumers, businesses and institutions worldwide. The company's offerings span global services and home computing. More information can be found online at, Facebook or

About Tornado Chasers
Available on-demand at, Tornado Chasers provides viewers with a never before seen, raw and uncensored look into the life of Reed Timmer and his team of storm chasers. Watch as Reed Timmer, Chris Chittick, and Dick McGowan, formerly of Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel, devote their entire lives to chasing down the most extreme natural forces on the planet.

For more information please contact:
Tim Fuchs - REX Game Studios®

Phone: 888.399.0421

REX Essential+ and REX Essential+ w/OverDrive

REX Game Studios® is pleased to announce the finalization of REX Essential+. This new enhanced version of REX Essential includes all of the fixes for Service Pack 1 and several NEW enhancements and features!

Thank you all for your continued patience and support!


FIXED application performance and periodic freezing.

FIXED slow and extended weather data download issue.

FIXED slow and extended interpolation processes.

FIXED database repair and compacting issue.

FIXED QNH not reporting properly.

FIXED the reload weather function to confirm access of the most recent weather.

FIXED double weather injection process.

FIXED weather overwrite function to only load most current weather.

FIXED drag on FPS during weather injection process.

FIXED TAT with use of some 3rd party aircraft (Please note that during our extensive testing we found that each 3rd party aircraft developer uses their own method of calculating TAT)

FIXED import process of FS Build and FS Commander flight plans into the REX Flight Center.

FIXED processing time of FlightAware data.

FIXED FlightAware waypoint issue when saving international flight plans.

ENHANCED the restore function.

SIMPLIFIED licensing process for access to P3d.


ADDED new process to download archived weather from the REX EDGE data servers. (With the release of Service Pack 1, the access to the archive data dates back to January 1st, 2012. However, we will be incorporating more data from previous years as time goes on. This is a time consuming process and do not wish to hold up the service pack any longer in regards.)

ADDED new synoptic and micro weather station processes which allows for trans-oceanic flights utilizing real weather. This technique populates areas with few weather stations for a more robust weather experience allowing you to experience the effect of real frontal systems. Synoptic weather stations handle large areas of weather, which in turn produces the effect of large weather systems. Micro Weather Stations help with transitioning from local weather conditions, helping with fog, wind and precipitation transitions.

ADDED Weather Engine Plus, a new second weather engine mode utilizing the WEATHER THEME process to inject weather into FSX/P3D. This process is extremely fast, eliminates flashing and does not affect frame rates. We have also included the Synoptic and Micro weather station features adding more depth to this new weather mode. Weather Engine Plus injects real weather including real winds and temperatures aloft, archive, and random weather. To sum it up, there are two modes in which to inject weather into FSX/P3D: the station-by-station mode or the Weather Engine Plus mode. Our weather theme technology originally derived from previous work around weather themes within WM Weather Generator which allowed us to release custom weather themes to the market.

ADDED a new Download Center, which allow REX Game Studios® to provide new FSX/P3D content to our user base in a timely manner.

ADDED the New Database Maintenance Tool which gives the user the option to optimize the database.

UPDATED the Flight Center to include temperatures aloft as well as winds aloft on the interface and within the NAV LOG.

UPDATED the Flight Center to include temperatures aloft as well as winds aloft on the interface and within the NAV LOG. the Flight Center with updated current SIDS/STARS/Intersections/Waypoints for better representation of flight plans.

REX Game Studios Launches New Website

REX Game Studios® announced the debut of their new website. The website is part of a comprehensive initiative that embodies the company's forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of its customers.

REX Game Studios Releases REX Essential

REX Game Studios® is pleased to announce the release of their long-awaited product, REX Essential for the FSX and Prepar3D platforms.

"This release not only enhances visual realism, but matches that realism to the underlying weather platform, creating a whole new world in Flight Simulation" said Tim Fuchs, REX Game Studios® senior partner. "Over the past year our team has worked diligently, and as a result of our customers' feedback, we've added over 50 enhancements to our software solution for FSX and Prepar3D. We are really excited about it!"

Enhancements include performance improvements, intuitive navigation, a new customizable, industrial-strength weather engine, FlightAware integration, a powerful new flight planner, "cloud" sharing, backup services and much, much more.

"We are thankful to all our customers for their invaluable input as we continuously improve and make REX Essential your one-stop FSX and Prepar3D solution" said Reed Stough, REX Game Studios® senior developer. "And the best part - it's free to all current REX for FSX customers!"

recdivREX Game Studios Opens Audio Division; Welcomes Mixer/Sound Designer Anthony Adams

REX Game Studios® has launched a newly-formed audio division. Noted Mixer/Sound Designer Anthony Adams has been brought on board and is launching into an upcoming campaign for a yet-to-be named software title. "Our company is driven by the collaboration of creative people, and we wanted someone with the skillset and background needed for our diverse group of projects," said Tim Fuchs, REX Game Studios® President. "I am very excited about the future for the REX Game Studio® Audio Division," he added. The new audio room is equipped with ProTools HDX, an SSL AWS 948 recording/mixing console, a vast array of outboard gear and a voiceover sound booth.