Audio Division
The new division is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where REX Game Studios is currently headquartered.


REX Game Studios® offers complete audio design and strategies for businesses of all types. With three departments of services, REX Game Studios® covers all of your marketing essentials, consisting of sound production and high-definition location recording. Specialties include commercial creation for video games, software titles, radio, TV, and web content.

REX Game Studios® Audio Division will be the permanent home for Senior Sound Designer/Mixer Anthony Adams. Since joining REX Game Studios®, Anthony has already completed nearly a dozen projects. For the past nine years, Adams has worked as a sound designer and mixer on an array of projects, from commercials and video games, to independent animation shorts.

The new division is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where REX Game Studios® is currently headquartered.


Yamaha DCM2000 VCM v.2

SSL MadiAX (2), Neve 8803, UA LA-2A, UA 1176 (2), Distressor (2), Tubetech Pe 1C (2), Manley Massive Passive (2), Manley Vari-MU, Avalon 737 , Amek pure path , Focusrite ISA215, Focusrite ISA220, Chandler LTD-1 EQ (2), GR MP-2NV, GR EQ-2NV, Eventide H7600, T.C M3000, Vintech X-73, CL 7802, A Designs HM2 Compressor, A Designs, HM2EQ, SPL PassEQ, SSL X-Rack x8 Dynamics Modules, Buzz s.o.c 1.1, DigiTech 2120, Focusrite Liquid 56, Focusrite Pro 40, Dangerous Music D-Box, Furman power regulators (2), Furman power conditioners (6)

ME 66 - Sennheiser (2)
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